A connection between Mythology and the Blockchain Gaming Platform

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2 min readDec 13, 2021

Blockchain gaming is one of the most exciting use cases to be born out of the technology and has been readily accepted by the large community of gamers. Blockchain gaming is an umbrella term that includes several P2E gaming models, such as NFT gaming, where users can own in-game assets and trade them.

Werewolf Protocol has introduced an exciting amalgam of blockchain gaming and mythology by launching an NFT game based on werewolves. The game presents an exciting P2E gaming model where users can engage in highly-addictive and interactive games.

The NFT Game by Werewolf Protocol

Werewolf Protocol offers three types of NFTs, Alpha, Omega, and Beta that represent the hierarchy of a wolf pack in real life. Alpha is the leader of the pack and carves the path for the rest of the group. Werewolf Protocol has taken its inspiration from the wolf pack and integrated it with werewolves — a hybrid between man and wolf.

In the FPS game, the players form packs with Alphas, Omegas, and Betas to survive the challenging situations. It is a brutal and dysfunctional game with a fun and exciting gaming experience that helps users earn using NFTs.

The three NFTs, Alpha, Omega, and Beta, all have unique characteristics.


Alpha is the leader of the werewolf pack and is the most dangerous with bright red eyes. Alphas sire new werewolves and control their packs and have several special characteristics such as Power Absorption, Pain Transference, Mind Melding, full moon power enhancement, etc.


Betas are the members of werewolves packs and act as the soldier for the Alpha’s army. While stronger than Omegas, Beta is weaker than Alphas and is assigned to the territorial Alpha’s pack. They have special characteristics, such as superhuman stamina, superhuman endurance, pain absorption, rage enhancement, etc.


Omegas take the lowest rank in the canine shape-shifter hierarchy as they are not a member of a pack. They have blue-colored eyes and are generally weaker than betas, and are usually found alone in the wild. Their characteristics are unknown and are lone survivors.

All of the NFTs can be purchased using Werewolf Coin, the native token of cryptocurrency. The token also acts as the lifeline of the Werewolf ecosystem along with the WOLF coin.

About The Werewolf Ecosystem

The Werewolf Ecosystem harnesses the power of blockchain technology combined with the werewolves to evolve cryptocurrencies. The Werewolf Ecosystem is a comprehensive project with decentralized finance-based applications such as Decentralized Exchange, Staking, Decentralized Asset Marketplace, Finance Gaming, and more to come.

The utility token, Werewolf Coin, empowers the Werewolf Ecosystem and its governance model to keep the project decentralized. To learn more about Werewolf, visit https://werewolf.exchange/index.html.



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