Acquaint an automated market maker using single collateral crypto assets with Werewolf

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2 min readNov 23, 2021

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving. Be it centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges, crypto-verse has finally moved to the Automated Market Maker’s (AMM) before it moves on to the next big thing.

An Automated Market Maker is a type of decentralized exchange that streamlines the trading of digital assets in a permissionless and decentralized environment by reducing the transactional costs significantly. An AMM protocol creates a liquidity pool for different crypto assets and incentivizes liquidation by offering rewards.

An AMM helps in connecting the traders with the liquidity pool and completes the order by adding the tokens to the pool in exchange for the tokens the traders are purchasing. Over time several projects have launched their personalized AMMs with unique features. However, the most exciting conceptual AMM to date is AMM by Werewolf ecosystem.

The Werewolf ecosystem harnesses the power of blockchain to evolve cryptocurrencies by offering a comprehensive list of decentralized finance-based apps such as decentralized exchange, staking, decentralized asset marketplace (NFTs and Werewolf assets), finance gaming, and more.

AMM by Werewolf using Single Collateral Crypto Assets

Werewolf exchange is a decentralized exchange with a robust Automated Market Maker that uses single collateral crypto assets. Unlike Centralized crypto exchanges where third parties retain control of most of the user’s digital assets, in an AMM, the user retains full control of their accounts.

AMMs are non-custodial and do not store users’ digital assets to make trades but use algorithms and liquidity pools to facilitate the business. As a result, AMM offers several benefits, such as increased privacy, security, and control over the funds. Moreover, decentralized exchanges such as AMMs are more secure and resistant to theft and hacks.

Werewolf has designed a powerful AMM where users can trade digital assets in a secure and hassle-free environment. The trader will have complete control of their assets and enjoy the features such as increased security and absolute freedom with Werewolf.

Moreover, the Werewolf ecosystem is put in an order with fascinating Werewolf mythological theories that make the ecosystem more exciting. The AMM by Werewolf is a rewarding decentralized exchange sketched for the comfort of the users.

About The Werewolf Ecosystem

The Werewolf Ecosystem harnesses the power of blockchain technology to evolve cryptocurrency. The Werewolf Ecosystem consists of decentralized finance-based applications such as Decentralized Exchange, Staking, Decentralized Asset Marketplace, Finance Gaming, and more to come.

The Werewolf Ecosystem is powered by its utility token, Werewolf Coin that is used as the governance token in the ecosystem and as an internal currency. To learn more about Werewolf, visit



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