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2 min readJan 10, 2022

Decentralized finance is the bridge between traditional financial services and cryptocurrencies. It has opened up a variety of use cases for the blockchain platforms and integrated real-world assets to the digital finance world. One of the unique advantages of DeFi is that it is not limited by the traditional financial organization and can integrate fun and exciting concepts.

One of the most exciting concepts in the DeFi ecosystem is brought by the Werewolf Protocol. The Werewolf Protocol harnesses the power of blockchain to promote and evolve cryptocurrencies. It is equipped with various decentralized finance-based apps such as Decentralized Exchange, Staking, Decentralized Asset Marketplace (NFTs and Werewolf Assets), NFT and Metaverse Gaming, etc.

The Amalgam of Mythology and Decentralized Finance

The Werewolf Protocol combines the mythological creatures werewolves with decentralized finance. Werewolves are supernatural species that can shapeshift into an ordinary human form or a partially lupine form that includes pointed ears, long and sharp claws and fangs. This mythological approach of the Werewolf Protocol is visible in all its products.

At the heart of the Werewolf Protocol lies Werewolf Coin and WOLF Coin. The WWC coin can be staked using 12 staking pools representing the lunar cycle with variable rewards. Moreover, the project has curated Werewolf Assets, which are decentralized assets based on non-fungible tokens ERC-721.

The Werewolf Assets includes three different NFTs, Alpha, Beta and Omega NFTs, with unique powers and utilities. Alpha is the leader of a werewolf pack, and Betas are a member of the pack. In contrast, Omega is lone wolves that are not part of any pack and wander the wild alone. All of the NFTs have unique characteristics and are rare collectibles with powers such as endurance, agility, strength, physical characteristics, etc.

The Werewolf Protocol’s team is fascinated by the Werewolf mythological theories and has designed a product that makes the DeFi ecosystem more exciting. The metaverse approach of the project is unique and brings exciting new products to the community.

About The Werewolf Ecosystem

The Werewolf Ecosystem harnesses the power of blockchain technology to evolve cryptocurrency. The Werewolf Ecosystem consists of decentralized finance-based applications such as Decentralized Exchange, Staking, Decentralized Asset Marketplace, Finance Gaming, and more to come.

The Werewolf Ecosystem is powered by its utility token, Werewolf Coin, used as the ecosystem’s governance token and as an internal currency. To learn more about Werewolf, visit https://werewolf.exchange/index.html.



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